Cancel The Angry Mob

Furious about Antsee’s removal? Fret not. I just got off the phone with the artist, Kim Morgan. Apparently, she was contacted by the city and informed that the dead tree her aluminum ants were arranged upon had rotted out and was in danger of falling over. She was asked if it’d be okay for the ants to be removed and then replaced on another tree in Victoria Park. There’s even a chance that if the city can find some funding, they’ll be able to get her to make more ants to replace the ones that have disappeared over the years.

So, good news. Antsee has come down but it will be reborn. More details in the upcoming issue.

Author: Paul Dechene

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2 thoughts on “Cancel The Angry Mob”

  1. Good news. Possibly the rot in the tree stump was what made it easier for the ants to be pried off and to go walkabout. I note with disdain the reaction of the artist in the coffeeshop (Stephen’s post), who was so quick to assume malevolence on the part of City Hall. Feh.

  2. I echo Barb’s good news comment. If the ants are installed on a living tree it will kind of change the conceptual focus of Antsee as it was originally tied to the idea death, decay and organic renewal. But with downtown Regina in the process (hopefully) of being revitalized, it could bring new meaning to the sculpture. And it would be nice to see more ants added to bring the colony back up to strength. Plus it would be nice if people respected the installation as a work of art and didn’t go souvenier hunting/stealing.

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