Canadian Ringette Championships

When ringette got going in the mid-1960s it functioned as a female version of hockey. Since then, many more girls and women have started to gravitate toward hockey. Ringette remains a viable sport though, combining the skills of hockey with some of the court strategies of basketball like a shot clock which requires the team in possession of the ring to take a shot within a 30-second period.

Until April 12 the Canadian Ringette Championships are being held in Regina at Co-operators Centre, Evraz Place.  Participating will be 48 teams from across Canada in the U16, U19 and 19+ divisions. To fill you in on some of the nuances of the ringette here’s a segment Canuck comic Rick Mercer did on the sport a few years ago:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. Ringette… 1 of the few sports where there are more people playing, than there are people watching.

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