This weekend the RPL Theatre is presenting a program of eight Canadian films that includes two local productions. Here’s the screening schedule:

Thursday 21

7 p.m. Closet Monster (2015): a coming of age story directed by Stephen Dunn.

9 p.m. The Forbidden Room (2015): Guy Maddin’s latest surreal epic.

Friday 22

7 p.m. Ninth Floor (2015): Documentary by Mina Shum about a student protest at Montreal’s George Williams University [now Concordia U] in 1969.

9 p.m. I Heart Regina (2010): Series of 13 short films set in Regina that explore various aspects of life here.

Saturday 23

7 p.m. The Sabbatical (2015): Feature by Regina filmmaker Brian Stockton about a professor experiencing a mid-life crisis.

9 p.m. Les Etres Chers (2015): French language feature by Anne Emond about three generations of a Quebecois family.

Sunday 24

7 p.m. Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr (2015): Documentary by Patrick Reed and Michelle Shephard about the Toronto-born “child soldier” who was imprisoned at age 15.

9 p.m. Les Demons (2015): Set in suburban Montreal in the 1980s, this French language film by Philippe Lesage centres on an anxiety-ridden pre-teen boy.

Admission to each screening is $5. And here’s the trailer to Stockton’s film The Sabbatical: