Canada vs. Scotland

That’s the match-up for Sunday’s title game in the 2011 World Men’s Curling Championship. It’s fitting too, as the Jeff Stoughton rink from Winnipeg (Stoughton pictured left) and Tom Brewster’s rink from Aberdeen were the two best teams in the tourney. Stoughton finished first with a 10-1 record, while Brewster (pictured below) was second with a 9-2 record.

In the #1-#2 Page playoff game on Friday night both teams played conservatively and Canada won 5-2. Will the teams stick with that strategy, or will they try to open things up a bit?

Game time Sunday on TSN is 5 p.m.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. I lost interest in curling when the chicks started looking like cougars and the dudes like clean, confident, ultra-fit white collar working men.

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