Cam Broten Is The Saskatchewan NDP’s New Leader

Broten won by 44 votes (out of 8284 cast) over second place Ryan Meili. From the StarPhoenix‘s Joe Couture:

The three candidates delivered speeches and presentations Saturday morning before the first round of voting began in the afternoon. Broten’s presentation made numerous references to the NDP’s historical successes in the province. “It’s about carrying on the decades of toil and commitment of those who went before us,” he told the crowd of about 800 members. The destiny, the future of each of us in this province is interconnected. We have a legacy to live up to and we have a promise to keep,” Broten said.

Meili’s presentation included videos of multiple endorsements. In his speech he said he thinks politics in the province needs to move “away from narrow economic goals. “Isn’t the whole purpose of government to improve our lives?” he asked. “There will always be those who raise alarms, who say what is difficult is impossible, who say that it’s dangerous to change. But when you’re on the wrong path, the most dangerous thing you can possibly do is stay on the wrong path,” he added.

Full story here. A lot of people are going to say the NDP went for an established, lower-risk candidate over a higher-risk, more visionary one. Maybe. But I think when you’ve got a nothing difference like 44 votes, you’ve got to look at factors like one candidate not having a seat while another did. Meili is not in the legislature every day. That makes him a bit of an unknown.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

7 thoughts on “Cam Broten Is The Saskatchewan NDP’s New Leader”

  1. Hard fought win by a good candidate. From an outsiders POV it appears theNDP have elected the smartest guy in the room and likely in the ledge also.

  2. It will be a huge benefit to the NDP in 2015, having out forward a nice looking leader that voters in the more suburban and affluent parts of Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and P.A. don’t have to be suspicious toward.

    Premature 2015 Predictions:

    Sask Party: 36 seats
    Sask NDP: 25 seats

  3. …put forward

    …won’t have to be

    36-25 based on a hunch that Sask voters will quickly sour on Brad Wall’s endless courtship of corporate Canada (and beyond). I think we all liked it a little bit better when SK respected itself and played a little bit harder to get.

  4. The NDP did get something right this time. Selecting a much younger leader. Choosing an old timer with baggage like D. Link in the last election was a poor choice.

    The NDP has major work ahead of them. They need to overcome the way how they ran the province economically in the past. They can’t go back to their old ways if to ever expect to get back in again in a short period of time.

    TF Jr, Those Premature 2015 Predictions are way too premature. Their goal will be up to 20 seats. Lucky if they even get 18.
    The NDP made this province too hard to get into. At least Sask Party is doing something right with promoting this province way more than the NDP ever did. This province is in a different era now. And having the old NDP getting back in to mess it all up isn’t what we need.

  5. Being a sitting MLA was a distinct advantage for the more pragmatic members of the party (and Mr. Broten’s choice of Mr. Wotherspoon as deputy leader just put the seal on that status), but no one can say that the supporters of Mr. Meili didn’t make their wishes and their influence known. There are interesting times ahead.

  6. @4 First of all, the provinc started to change dramatically in 2004 or so, thanks to ballooning global resource prices. We just happened to have the good sh*t ppl were looking for. That started under the NDP, everything that’s rolling now started under the NDP. That doesn;t mean the NDP deserves credit, but it certainly does not mean the Sask Party deserves credit. The SP is still largely a party full of nobodies and braindead bumpkins. They run Sask okay in spite of themselves. All anyone wants to talk about anyway is fiscal discipline and resource royalties. There is nothing big happening, no stunning policy initiatives, nothing. It’s just Hollywood bullsh*t.

    The NDP did nothing but run this province like the responsible fiscal disciplinarians that they were; to say anything other is total bullsh*t. The difference between a “good” govt and a bad one seems to be how much you’re profiting off your oil, gas, potash, and uranium. No skills required.

  7. @6) Goober, I know the NDP did some good things for this province including getting off their arses and changing the royalty structures in the early 2000’s. However, I can never support them again for the following during their terms in office:

    – gov’t interference in the economy.
    – competing against the private sector.
    – using SK. taxpayer money to bailout struggling businesses.
    – reluctance to reform the high taxes in the late 90’s that drove people and business away.
    – historic anti-business bias.
    – underachieving & low expectations.
    – Spudco. Keeping other scandals hidden.
    – stagnant population growth.
    – lack of vision to grow the province.
    – being negative towards other’s success.

    When the previous NDP government intentionally shoots itself in the foot enacting extremely limiting policies in order to protect the people from the big bad world, you do need to take a step back and analyse the situation. When Alberta excels through the 80’s to 2000’s with the investment and profits of their resources and Saskatchewan’s economy contracts to a point where they are literally a joke to the rest of Canada, it becomes a noticeable issue. Now that we are succeeding and playing a good game of catch up, it’s not because we have an NDP gov’t currently running SK.

    If Cam Broten vows to change the NDP away from their past gov’t practices listed above, then he’ll get my vote. Nuff said.

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