I spent much of this weekend at the Condie nature reserve, with my son’s new Beaver troop on a weekend campout, so I was able to learn one thing: no matter how often you check Twitter on your Blackberry for updates, things aren’t going to change once the final score has been settled. (TSN)

Well, I suppose they COULD fire Greg Marshall again … but what would be the point? The Roughriders are now all but mathematically eliminated for playoff contention. At the beginning of October, they’ve won the same number of games as the Regina Pats. (Regina Pats) The Riders have been scored 82-8 in their last two games. About the only way to attract anyone to the final Roughrider season games would be to engage the same sort of tractor beam at Taylor Field (I bet even Mosaic wouldn’t want to be linked to this rotting corpse) that was used to drag the Millennium Falcon into the Death Star.

Frankly, there is no reason for anyone to think that the Riders should be doing anything but using the remainder of this season as an extended training camp – seeing who can play and who can’t. Here’s a hint … when you lose as bad as the Riders did in the last two games, it’s pretty certain the starters aren’t doing the job. The problem is, however, that Ken Miller is a man who favours his veterans, to the point where the rookies will die on the vine (think of it. Two blowouts and Cole Bergquist hasn’t made the field). Either that or Miller’s eyesight has deteriorated to the point that he can’t see that far down the depth chart.
You know how much more fun I had this weekend with my son and about 30 members of the local Cubs and Beavers troops and their parents than I would have had in front of a television set, watching that mess? Try it some time.