Cabinet Shuffle Announced

With a self-imposed end of June deadline looming, Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall (pictured) has announced changes to his cabinet. In a government press release, he said the shuffle was designed to “chart a long term course of growth and improved quality of life in Saskatchewan.”

With Finance Minister Rod Gantefoer previously having announced that he would be stepping down because of health reasons the biggest change comes with the appointment of Ken Krawetz to replace him. Which is kind of funny in a way, because in late 2008 we (and by we I mean me) misidentified Krawetz as Gantefoer in the cut-line of a photo that we ran. Here’s a link to a post I did on the mix-up on our old Dog Blog.

Replacing Krawetz in the Education portfolio is former Social Services minister Donna Harpauer. June Draude, in turn, replaces her at Social Services. Moving from Tourism, Parks, Culture & Sport to Environment is Dustin Duncan, while Nancy Heppner, the former Environment Minister, was dropped from cabinet.

Moving into the T,P,C & S portfolio is Bill Hutchinson. His former post as Minister of First Nations & Metis Relations is being assumed by Ken Cheveldayoff. Returning to cabinet after some time on the back bench is Daryl Hickie, who becomes Minister of Municipal Affairs. Hickie replaces Jeremy Harrison, who becomes Minister of Enterprise and Trade.

Entering cabinet for the first time are Tim McMillan, who becomes Minister for Crown Investment Corporations; and Laura Ross, who becomes Minister of Government Services. Retaining their current portfolios are Don McMorris (Health), Bob Bjornerud (Agriculture), Yogi Huyghebaert (Corrections, Public Safety and Policing) and Jim Reiter (Highways and Infrastructure).

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. That photo of Wall reminds me a lot of the classic photos of Richard Nixon waving to the crowd from the doorway of the jet as he was leaving.

    One can hope.

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