Rosie's World CupI didn’t do a Rosie’s World Cup on Friday because I was lulled into a coma watching Portugal play Brazil (CBC Sports). Great googlymoogly, people thought that was going to be the flashiest game of the group stages, but it was about as entertaining as bringing a ball to Agribition and let 11 Charolais and 11 Semmitals wander around the Brandt Centre with a ball between them.

In the first playoff games, Uruguay defeated South Korea (The Guardian) and as I type this, the Ghana-US game has gone into overtime, (a live blog by one of my favorite football reporters, The Guardian’s Barry Glendenning) with Ghana leading 2-1, scoring in overtime — they play 30 minutes (two 15 minute halves). Either way, the winner of this game is likely not to go much farther than the Uruguay game. Memo to US manager Bob Bradley: Four games, four first halves where the US team wandered about the field looking for the ball like 10 blindfolded Elvis impersonators trying to find the buffet table using only their sense of smell. It’s a 90-minute game, dude.

Oh yeah. There’s going to be Canadians involved in the World Cup after all.There’s a Winnipeg assistant referee (CNN) who’s going to set a FIFA record for most games officiated in World Cup finals. (SLAM Sports).