Bushwakker and Redbeard’s Infinite Saskatchewan Playlist

Starting this weekend, Regina brewpub Bushwakker will switch to an all-Saskatchewan, all-the-time musical diet.¬†They’re calling it “Redbeard Radio at the Bushwakker”, Redbeard, of course, being the name CJTR’s Jeff Corbett is better known by. Corbett helped Bushwakker compile a playlist strictly made up of Saskatchewan music. Lorena Kelly of SaskMusic helped with licensing.

The press release says the playlist “…contains over 3,000 songs and is growing,” so no worries about hearing the same song twice in one sitting.

I’m assuming ‘Wakker’s Grant Frew will be vigilantly patrolling the floor, listening with a close ear, and if any of the servers slips on some Imaginary Cities, he’ll cry, “MANITOBA!?!” and pull the plug on the speakers. That’s how committed they seem to this.

Thumbs up to Bushwakker and everyone involved in doing this. The more Saskatchewan music gets heard, the better.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

3 thoughts on “Bushwakker and Redbeard’s Infinite Saskatchewan Playlist”

  1. Great idea! But it won’t be complete without Jim Robert’s “Saskatchewan”.

  2. This is such a great idea. Three cheers for Redbeard and Sask music and Bushwakkers!

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