Burke Bounced As Leaf GM

Just days after the 113 day NHL lockout ended, and with the 2013 season scheduled to start in a little over a week, the Toronto Maple Leafs dropped a bombshell when it was announced today that GM Brian Burke, who had been with the team for four years, was being replaced as GM by current senior vice president Dave Nonis.

During Burke’s tenure, the Buds failed to make the playoffs and Burke has been criticized for several deals, most notably the Phil Kessel trade with Boston where the team relinquished two first round draft picks. For now, Burke will apparently remain with the Leafs as an advisor.

Toronto being the centre of the hockey universe, TSN has copious coverage of the move here.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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7 thoughts on “Burke Bounced As Leaf GM”

  1. I guess Burke failed to make the Kessel run in under 6 parsecs! Looks like he got dealt with by the empire.

  2. It’s a shame the Leafs can’t be good for 45 years now. 45 years. Centre of the Hockey Universe. Imagine the Yankees sucking for 45 years. Or the Riders – wait…

    Anyway, I find Leafs’ fans far too easy on their team, like they just have a fetish for the logo or something. Same with Habs fans, who’ve sucked for 20 years now. Big market teams, why the suck?

  3. #2 “93 Leafs vs. Kings is now thw 2nd best play-off series since last years Kings finally won a real game after 44 seasons.. Trading Gretzky finally paid off! Whoo!

    Luongo in CoTO! 2nd rnd 4g-3 no T. still suck.

  4. Sure they’ve had their isolated moments, but nothing consistent for 45 years. Other nations may want to study us for psychological insights into denial and suffering.

  5. But on the other hand, then there are Chicago Cubs fans, who literally have not won a championship for 114 YEARS>>>!!!!!!

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