Good golly, Dog Blog appears to have picked up a lot of new commentators this weekend (or should I say, “a lot” of “new” commentators?). I’m a little concerned that the flurry of silly chatter will derail any chance of relevant, on-topic discussion–Dechene’s excellent vaccination post, for instance, descended into I’m not even sure what, which might drive away non-stocking-based humans with something to say about the subject.

On the other hand I don’t wanna squash fun. So if your name is, to randomly pick some examples, William Kempe, Nell Gwyn, Kent Tatter-Pillar, Chrissy, Jayson Wielcze, Patty, Pam or Spam-I-Am, and you want your very own sprawling, tangent-filled comment thread, this post is for you (and anyone else who wants to join in).

And now here’s another video about sock puppets for no reason at all.