Bryan Adams

This is being billed as an acoustic tour. I’m not sure if that means solo acoustic, or just regular acoustic with Adams playing stripped down versions of his many hits with a back-up band. Regardless, the concert goes tonight at Conexus Arts Centre at 8 p.m. and tickets range from $55-$115.

To close, here’s Adams performing an acoustic version of his song “Heaven” from a few years ago:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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3 thoughts on “Bryan Adams”

  1. Jimmy quit, Jody got married…

    You guys ever wonder what happened to Jimmy and Jody? My guess is Jimmy took a job in manufacturing, got laid off in the early ’90s, took to booze, drugs, hookers, and heroin, before finding the love of a good woman who nurse his ego back to health and now, Pushing 50, 30 years later, he’s got himself a nice little contracting business with 8 employees, a truck, dog, wife, and lakefront property in Kelowna.

    Jody on the other hand, got laid off too, started drinking, carousing; got divorced, did a little time in prison for embezzlement, bounced around between short term labour positions in Calgary thru the 90s and ’00s, now sells wall-to-wall at a Saskatoon carpet warehouse.

  2. Or, did Jimmy move to Toronto, get a diploma at George Brown and go on to have a wildly successful career in finance, wife, kids, house in the ‘burbs and weekends playing bass in a Hendrix//Rush/Zeppelin/Chilliwack cover band?

  3. Jimmy and Jody were REAL:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jody Perpick is a Canadian former musician and current Sound Engineer for top selling artist Bryan Adams. He has worked as Adams’ Tour Manager for many years.

    Perpick was once a part of Bryan Adams’ group during his early gigging days but quit to concentrate on the equipment for Adams as he achieved success. In the song “Summer of ’69”, which has become one of Bryan Adams’ most famous songs, the lyric “Jimmy quit, Jody got married” directly refers to Perpick.[1] “Jimmy” refers to drummer Jim Wesley, who worked for Adams in his club gigging days (1979-1983), who quit the band because he and Bryan did not get along.

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