Broncos Advance!!

Losers of their last three games, including a 7-3 defeat at home to the Kansas City Chiefs this afternoon, the Denver Broncos are nonetheless playoff bound because of their good fortune to play in a division where every other team either stinks (Oakland Raiders) or had an off year (San Diego Chargers and Kansas City).

Not only are they in the playoffs, because they won the AFC West they get to host a wildcard playoff game. So next weekend, the Broncos, who finished 8-8 this year, will welcome the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers to Mile High Stadium (or Sports Authority Field at Mile High, as it’s now called).

The game today had an intriguing subplot as Kyle Orton, the QB that Tim Tebow replaced as starter in Denver earlier this season, was the starting quarterback for Kansas City. In the Chiefs’ victory, Orton was 15 of 29 for 175 yards. Tebow, on the other hand, was 6 of 22 for 60 yards with one interception. While scrambling in the second quarter he also puked the ball up so ended up committing two turnovers.

TSN has a report on the game here.  Already, commenters are wading in, predicting an overwhelming Steeler victory next weekend.  Since Denver’s arguably one of the worst teams to ever make the NFL playoffs it’s hard to disagree with that assessment. Still, they do have home-field advantage. So if there’s a mega snowstorm that renders the Steelers’ potent passing attack ineffective or some other miraculous occurrence, like the Steelers all coming down with food poisoning on the eve of the game,  the Broncos could advance to face the New England Patriots or Baltimore Ravens in the next round of the AFC playoffs.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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17 thoughts on “Broncos Advance!!”

  1. Ron went 9-7 on his predictions this week.
    Before you snicker, consider that 9-7 was good enough to win the NFC East for the Giants.

  2. Steel yourself for a postseason with playoff quarterback Andy Dalton and the feisty striped Ohio football players.

  3. Too much Tebow. When an achilles injury shuts him down 1-2 seasons from now, let him star in his own reality show on the Christian Faith network. Till then, let’s focus on the quality teams!

  4. Too much Talbot. When carpal tunnel syndrome shuts him down 1-2 seasons from now, let him star in his own reality show spouting off his misinformed drivel on the corner of Broad & Vic. Till then,let us focus on the quality comments! Consider Seattle winning the NFC West last year with a 7-9 record.

  5. 1988 SF 49ers: 10-6 Reg season wins SB.

    #1 Ya gotta give the 8-8 Broncos some props..

    Hey Dan, KC did their job!

    This weekends’ 4 game guesses / predictions, coming soon.

  6. I was 14-2 on the weekend. Just my luck the Texans didn’t want to risk overtime, and the Broncos have hit a Rocky Mountain low.
    p.s. I’ll have my predictions on the Wild Card games later this week, at I can tell you this much already. The Saints are going to win it all this year.


  7. Round 1

    If ya play sports action, NO / DET tie, Atl / NYG tie.

  8. I’m happy the Texans/Bengals game is on Saturday afternoon so I can listen to CJTR instead. Community radio plug! Proud of that, much cheaper than advertising the station on the side of a regional blimp.

  9. With all the ink Tebow got this year people forgot about Cam Newton who passed for over 4000 yards in a great rookie year.

  10. I completely agree on Cam Newton. I’d chalk up the lack of attention to Newton playing in the defensively lax NFC South, but those numbers are too buckwild to be slept on.

  11. #15, #16 The bottom line, gentlemen, is this: Tebow is preparing for a playoff game and Newton will be watching on TV.


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