Broad Street and 12th Avenue, Circa 1974

This picture, one of many¬† iconic portraits of American blanditude by photographer Stephen Shore, is making the rounds of Regina’s only other reliable news and entertainment source, Facebook. That block – now home to the liquor store and tumbleweeds used to be happening — Safeway, the Roxy Theatre, pedestrians… Oh, Regina. You used to be my kind of place. The second photo below shows the corner of Albert and Victoria looking pretty much the same as it is now. Sigh.

Hat tip to Brett Bell. Photos courtesy of Saatchi Gallery and

Author: Carle Steel

Carle Steel was a simple moisture farmer on a barren, sun-baked world who, through fate and destiny, brought the mighty Galactic Empire to its knees. She likes cats, bats, mice and you.

6 thoughts on “Broad Street and 12th Avenue, Circa 1974”

  1. Good to see this mentioned. Those photos are amazingly detailed owing to the large format he used. The RPL shows 2 copies in the collection of Shore’s “Uncommon Places” in which these images first appeared, along with 2 other shots of Regina, one from Winnipeg and 2 from Gull Lake.

  2. when i first arrived in Regina, Broad St seemed to me as if it were straight out of a Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movie. still does mostly

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Carle. You forgot to preface my name with the contractually required, “Local gadfly and layabout.”

  4. To Brett: I looked in the Prairie Dog Style Guide and it said your name was Brett Cameron Bell, but it just seemed too pretentious so I skipped it. My apologies.

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