Earlier this year Prairie Dog celebrated its 20th anniversary as an independent media outlet in Regina. Over that stretch of time there’s been lots of changes in the media landscape related to improvements in publishing technology, the growth of multi-media and a boost in media concentration that has brought a real corporate mindset to the delivery of news and information in our society.

Later this month, as part of Right To Know Week, the RPL Film Theatre will be screening the documentary Shadows of Liberty which examines the role mass media play in “manufacturing consent” (in the words of philosopher Noam Chomsky) for corporate policies and agendas that are now global in scope.

Before that happens, though, Reginans will have another opportunity to celebrate the value of independent media in our community when the Saskatchewan-based magazine Briarpatch marks its 40th anniversary with a party on Sept. 7 at Artesian on 13th. Included will be live music, refreshments, a pop up museum and more. Admission is free, and things will get going at 7 p.m.

To close, here’s the trailer for Shadows of Liberty which screens at the RPL Sept. 26-29: