Breakout West Line-up Announced

Nine years after Regina hosted the inaugural Western Canadian Music Awards, the event, which now goes by the name Breakout West, and includes a gala where the WCMAs are handed out, is returning to the Queen City Sept. 27-30.

Artists scheduled to perform at this year’s gala at Casino Regina include Indian City (MB), Sarah MacDougall (Yukon), Dan Mangan (BC) [pictured], Mireille Moquin (AB), Northern Pikes (SK), Jason Plumb (SK), Rah Rah (SK) and Said the Whale (BC).

In 2003, I didn’t even go to the gala. But I did see a pile of showcase gigs at different venues in Regina over three nights. I plan to do the same when Breakout West hits town.

Today, organizers announced a number of bands from B.C., Alberta, the Yukon, Manitoba and Saskatchewan that will be performing showcases. Here’s a link to the list on the Breakout West website..

Author: Gregory Beatty

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