This is why I like the blog Simple Massaging Massing Priest:

Who the heck voted for Colin Craig?

And why does the Saskatchewan Government take orders from some far right activist in another province?

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, despite its grandiose sounding name, is not a federation of Canadian taxpayers. It is a far right pressure group with secretive funding and no public or member accountability. Anyone can join the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, but unlike a real public group, its policies are set and its leadership are chosen by a small, self-selecting and self-perpetuating elite. You and I can join the CTF, but we can’t have any say in who runs it or how, or in what policy positions it may take.

In other words, it is a Potemkin Village for the far right, much like the American Tea Party but with less showmanship and better dress sense.

Go. Read.