Book Traces History Of Warehouse District

Last Wednesday a book launch was held for a new publication by Biographies Regina and assorted funding partners that delves into the rich history of Regina’s Warehouse District.

There’s a brief discussion at the end of the book about the transition that has occured in the district in the last 20 years or so as old warehouses that date back to the time of Regina’s incorporation as a city in 1903 were repurposed as retail, residential and entertainment facilities.

But most of the book concerns the architects, businesses, personalities and civic amenities that shaped the district in its formative years. Business activity wasn’t just limited to warehouses and wholesalers, either. Prior to the onset of the Great Depression, the district was also a hub for manufacturing, including a General Motors plant that operated between 1928-30, and produced a few thousand vehicles before closing and later being used to manufacture war materials during WWII. 

The book retails for $24.95 and further information can be obtained by calling 585-3957 or emailing

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. occurred

    Granted, you guys had the 20th anniversary of PD to deal with, nut this book launch was nearly a week ago.

  2. Crazy. I did work on this book years ago, when the research files I was handed included everything from Albert St to Winnipeg St, between South Railway and 1st Ave or so (a way bigger swath than the actual warehouse d). I’d lost touch with what was happening till now.

  3. I found it very hard to communicate that what I had written was based on the info in the files…

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