I did an Ask Greg on this a couple of years ago. But on the 35th anniversary of its 1977 launch Voyager 1, after having conducted flybys of Jupiter and Saturn in the 1980s,¬†is nearing the outer limit of the solar system. The boundary is pretty fluid as it depends on where the outrushing solar wind meets the inrushing interstellar medium meet. But once it’s crossed it will be a landmark moment in human history.

You can read more about it in this Associated Press article. One thing that leapt out for me is that both Voyager 1 and its companion spacecraft Voyager 2, which visited Uranus and Neptune in addition to Jupiter and Saturn, and which is also scheduled to exit the solar system in the next few years, have a grand total of 68 KB of computer memory each. And they also use 8-track tape technology to store and transmit data.