Hordes of prejudiced French demonstrators marched against same-sex rights today:

Hundreds of thousands of people – conservative activists, children, retirees, priests, many bussed in from the French provinces – converged on the capital on Sunday in a last-ditch attempt to stop the bill. The lower house of France’s parliament approved the “marriage for everyone” bill last month with a large majority, and it now faces a vote in the senate next month. Both houses are dominated by President François Hollande’s Socialist party and its allies. Sustained protests led by opposition conservatives have eroded support for the draft law in recent months, and organizers hope the march will weigh on the senate debate.

Of note: it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the rights of women, people of colour, gays and lesbians or the poor: in North America and Europe at least,  the fight against  human rights, knowledge, freedom of expression, science and progress in general is led by self-described conservatives, many of them from rural areas. Something to ponder.

Full story in The Guardian and there’s video of the protest from International News 24/7 below.