Following a six-month investigation by the Saskatchewan Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, which goes by the nifty acronym SCFSEU, charges have been laid against six individuals in Regina for trafficking in marijuana. During the bust, a whole 17 pounds of marijuana was apparently recovered, along with $13,000 in cash. Some other property that  is believed by police to be proceeds of crime was also seized.

SCFSEU is a provincially funded initiative that involves the participation of city police in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert, along with the RCMP. It’s mandate is to “expose, investigate, disrupt, dismantle and prosecute organized crime enterprises.”

You can read more about what is undoubtedly a game changing moment in our society’s ongoing War Against Drugs in this Leader-Post report. And to play us out, here’s a video from hip hop artist Real One for his 2011 tune “All I Do Is Smoke Weed”: