Beyond Friberg: The Mounted Police In Art

Beyond the Law (1)The above image is from an exhibition that’s currently on display at the RCMP Heritage Centre until March 31. The Friberg in the title refers to American artist and illustrator Arnold Friberg (1913-2010) who, in addition to his work on American historical and Christian religious themes, did over 200 paintings depicting Mounties. His fame was so great that he was even made an honorary member of the RCMP.

This exhibition, as the title implies, looks beyond his legacy to other artists who have done work on the theme of the RCMP. The above painting, for instance, is titled¬†Beyond the Law,¬†and it’s by Group of Seven member Franz Johnston (1888-1949). It’s based on a real-life pursuit that occurred in Fort McMurray of a man accused of murder that ended when the suspect accidentally shot himself during a gun-fight with RCMP members. Other artists in the exhibition include Joel Walker, Paul Brown and Charles Highfield.

Author: Gregory Beatty

Greg Beatty is a crime-fighting shapeshifter who hatched from a mutagenic egg many decades ago. He likes sunny days, puppies and antique shoes. His favourite colour is not visible to your inferior human eyes. He refuses to write a bio for this website and if that means Whitworth writes one for him, so be it.

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  1. One of my favorites. This original hung in the foyer of our mess in Depot RCMP and it was a poignant reminder that encouraged us to persevere in our duty.

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