The other day, my grandma e-mailed me. The subject line was “beware —deadly”, so I knew it was pretty important. I received the e-mail while I was in line at Milky Way and, since it was short, decided to read it aloud to some friends. The whole text of the message, apart from my grandma’s signature, was this:

Hi to all,of you,there is a thing called bath salts [over the counter ] that is not what it says, it is a very bad drug that only one time use is very deadly .

We all kinda laughed at it, since Grandma was getting bent out of shape over what we thought were just regular, old bath salts. The guy in front of me decided to set us straight, though; he had heard a story on T.V. where a kid had snorted some bath salts and started having hallucinations and would continue to have hallucinations for two years until the bath salts were out of his system.

Between Grandma and Milky Way Guy, the evidence was starting to stack up.

After a little bit of research, I think what they were talking about was MDPV, which is legal in some states in the U.S. and is marketed as bath salts. To be clear, putting the stock at Body Shop up your nose won’t have any drug-like effects, but taking drugs will. Glad that’s settled.

If you’re reading, Grandma, be sure that I will continue my moratorium on snorting anything.