Our most festive Best of Regina ever gets a twinkle-eyed host

Introduction by Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! Santa Claus here! I’ve been asked by my friends at Prairie Dog to write the introduction to the 2021 Best Of Regina special feature!

Perhaps you’re surprised? It’s true I’m very busy at this time of year but as a magical entity impervious to the laws of time and space, I can always fit a special project in. And when it’s something as much fun as the Best Of Regina readers’ poll, how can old Santa say no?

The fact is, I LOVE Best of Regina. After all, Santa is all about lists and what is this but a catalogue of the Queen City’s nicest people, places, pets, stores and services? Just look at all the wonderful winners PD readers voted for! There’s Best Drag Queen Flo Mingo, who recently teamed up with Rebellion Brewing to create Sparkle Motion Majestic Milkshake IPA, a purple concoction that turns flamingo pink from lime squeezes and raises funds for LGBTQ2S* youth home Lulu’s Lodge! And what about Best Reporter, CTV’s Wayne Mantyka? Wayne kept residents informed through another tough year with his usual grace, professionalism and keen eye for snack tables.

Then there’s the fun stuff like Best View of the City (Wascana Hill), Best Picnic Spot (Candy Cane Park) and one I’m professionally partial to, Best Toy Store (Zippity Zoom)! And I mustn’t forget Best Pet Dog (Oxford), a canine character who keeps his person smiling in good times and bad, and Best Pet Snake (Archie), a clever noodle renowned for his many escapes and adventures.

There’s a lot to discover in the following pages, and Santa hopes Best Of Regina 2021 will help you enjoy life in this city over the holiday season and into the new year. I’ve learned from your cards and letters that this town is a bit naughty sometimes, but with its beautiful spaces, (usually) friendly folks and fauna, and ever-more interesting shops and such, at its best this is a magical place.

Be kind to one another, embrace and amplify the good and bold ideas, and do what you can to make Regina the best it can be.

Santa Claus

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