As regular readers of prairie dog know, we’re running our yearly, fun-tastic Best of Regina poll right now. Hooray! But hark and forsooth! There’s a situation. According to our data-tracking robots, fewer people have registered for the Regina poll than for sister-paper (and ultimate rival!!!) Planet S’ Best Of Saskatoon thing.


Fact: Regina is better than Saskatoon.* Even Saskatoon’s best city paper, Planet S–which has been around for a mere nine years compared to our 18 — is enough to make that town better than Regina (and anyway they’re not allowed to beat us at our own game). So! Because we’re fun-loving and playful (and also spiteful, over-competitive and jealous) we’re going to to do something about Planet S’ obnoxious Best-Of ballot lead. We (meaning prairie dog) are going to work harder to get the vote out, and we’re going to kick Planet S’ Jupiter-sized butt in reader participation like we did last year. We shall stomp their Saskatoon smugness** right into the bitter muck of second-bestery.

And then, we — and this “we” means you too — shall gloat about how much better Regina is than Saskatoon.

Over the next week and a half, we’re going to write piles of short posts about some of the Best Of Regina categories, and how they’re great, and stuff like that. Jay-Brollo started the parade of shameless promotion earlier today with this post about the Best Store For Romantic Couple Shopping. Check it out  (and try winning THAT category, Wascana Park!).

So that’s that! Let the Great 2011 Best-Of-Regina Shilling begin!


*Regina has prairie dog, prairie dog readers and Wascana Park. ‘Nuff said.

**They’re not really smug at all — actually they’re quite lovely. I’m projecting my own negative qualities. Shh.