This was sent to our Queen City Confidential e-mail yesterday:

Wow, I always wanted to know Regina’s Best Dentist, based on 3.2 people and a duck voting. You are missing very important categories

1.Best Ass Wipe
2.Best looking & ugliest transit bus & driver
3.Best sidewalk
4.Best street light
5.Best lane to drive in
6.Best direction going the opposite way
7.Best Dentist not mentioned in the best of edition
8.Best walmart sliding doors
9.Malls with best shopping carts
10.Best bullshit Best Of List besides Prairie Puppies
11.Best ISIS fighter, best ISIS coward
12.Best direction not going the opposite way
13.Best person to piss in your cornflakes
14.Best excuse to tell Police if caught using cellphone to call your Dentist while driving
15.Best day to celebrate Christmas with your Dentist

Yours truly,

A Whiny Jackass

Thanks for the suggestions, AWJ! We’ll consider them for next year. By the way, no ducks voted in Best Of Regina.

P.S.: Hello, blog!