It took me far, far longer than I’d like to admit to stop going to the site Rate My Professors. Not even stop going, but to start mentally adjusting the comments made on there.

Case in point: my pick for Best U of R Prof, Marcel DeCoste, only gets an overall 3.1 on five, and his detractors cite a lot of the things I love about the guy as negatives. His mammoth vocabulary; his expertise and willing to share it; his uncompromising honesty — he’s the type of prof that every student needs to quit the awful stuff they do.

Marcel is the man, and not just because his name makes such alliteration simple. As an English prof, he’s given not only a deeper appreciation for the modernist fiction — his area of study — but has, I think, made me a better critical thinker in all arenas, which is what I’m banking on from my liberal arts education.

You can vote for all of Regina’s best right here. Do it now; the deadline is tomorrow.