You have to hear me out on this one. I’m not a pro when it comes to a lot of the coupling stuff listed in the Best of Regina 2011. (I do the large, large majority of any sexy-related activities in my own home, thank you very much.) But, I do have an idea for what should win Best Store for Romantic Couple Shopping.

Best Buy.

Hey, wait, where are you going? Come back! Wait!

You still there? Good.

Here’s my justification. The lady and I are big into a few T.V. shows. I feel like we live pretty full lives, and we definitely don’t spend all of our times lounging around on my couch, but we both love a good show and commit to them.

(For the record, if we broke up, I would spend an entire year watching and re-watching Supernatural or something. My only contact would be with the members of the Bartlet administration from The West Wing and none of you would be allowed to judge me for it.)

Emphasis on that “commit” part from before. We come across series in any number of ways: recommendations, critical praise, actors we both like. Sometimes I’m the guy who just vets a series, as I go through a whole lot of T.V. and don’t mind separating the wheat (say, the sweet and really entertaining Chuck) from the chaff (maybe an Off the Map which, despite having Zach Gilford around, never really elevates itself beyond your typical medical drama).

But when we’re both on board for a series, we’re there completely and it becomes something that we share that I really appreciate. It’s nice to have a similar connection to a character like Buddy Garrity from Friday Night Lights and to know that even if he resonates in different ways for both of us, he’s still kinda a part of our collective emotional life.

So when I think of Best Buy, I think of DVD shopping with the lady. And that leads back to doing the T.V. thing. Which I think is pretty romantic. I realize even calling Best Buy a dark-horse candidate for Best Store for Romantic Couple Shopping would be inaccurate, but think about it when you’re going through your own ballot.

You can vote for all of Regina’s best right here. Do it now; the deadline is September 22.