I’m confident I’m backing a winner on this one. I practically don’t even need to write this post. Guy’s a lock.

I’m talking, of course, about @patthebook. A.K.A. Patrick Book –– radio personality for both CJME and CJTR as well as the proprietor of the music blog Sound Salvation Army. He’s great at all those things, but we’re talking about his Twitter feed here, and it’s a great, great thing.

His feed isn’t for the faint of heart; he posts a lot on any given day. (I’m not going to try to count today’s tweets, but leave his feed open for a bit and you might just get one or two tweets coming up, like I did while I was writing this post.) But he’s a real superstar while he’s doing it, always good-humoured and always on his game.

Music, pop culture, local and provincial news, and other minutiae: Book has a whole bunch of it covered really well. He’s also a really generous Twitter user, responding promptly to anyone I’ve seen at-reply him and generally being a booster. Cool dude, that one.

Runner-up: @JasonClermont, because of tweets like this one.

Second runner-up: as I was writing this on Monday night, @CostaMaragosCBC posted this. Tough decisions here, people, but I still say go with Book.

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