The best album our fair city has put out in the past year is also one that doesn’t have a physical edition (at least as far as I know). You can get it online for free, although if you’re not completely broke or a jerk, you’ll chip in at least a few bucks for this gem.

At nine tracks and under 25 minutes, Foxwarren’s first release, Has Been Defeated, is quick but great. If memory serves, this album took a while to put together. The band –– Avery Kissick, Dallas Bryson, Darryl Kissick, and Andy Shauf, who’s got a well-known solo thing going too –– recorded it themselves, which couldn’t have been an easy feat. They’ve got a dynamic sound (both loud and quiet, people) and any recording they did would have to support low-key gems like “Defeated” as well as four-piece rock numbers like “Car Wreck” and make all that fit together.

And they did it. Really well, in fact, which is why I say they’ve got the Best Local Album Released in the Past 12 Months on their hands here. You can over to their Bandcamp page to download the album, for free or whatever price you want.

You can also vote for all of Regina’s best right here. Do it now; the deadline is September 22.