I’m not shy when it comes to writing about things I think are cute. I’ve linked to the Daily Puppy here and elsewhere enough to prove that much.

For the record, though, cute things don’t rule my life. They aren’t the be-all end-all.For example, Wednesday night, I went to go see The Change-Up. I knew it wasn’t going to be great, but I didn’t think it would be out-and-out awful. The Ryan Reynolds/Jason Bateman comedy was so unfortunate that a pair of twin babies –– really, really cute twins –– couldn’t even save it.

That said, cute things being around is a fringe benefit I’m willing to embrace of the places I frequent. Case in point: the University of Regina’s gym.

It’s got plenty of things going for it: it’s on campus, plenty of well-kept machines, a cool atmosphere. One more thing it has going for it is that the exercise area overlooks the gym floor.

Generally, that means you get to choose between watching CNN or watching the Cougars practice basketball while running. Occasionally, though, they let the daycare kids just run around in the gym, being little. Just these little guys and girls with tiny, ineffectual legs and smiles chasing each other around a big open area like they just discovered a secret Disneyland. That’s a sweet gym perk if you ask me, and part of the Best Gym in Regina.

You can vote for all of Regina’s best right here. Do it now; the deadline is September 22.