Best Of Regina 2010 Spotlight: Best Wild Animal

Every year, prairie dog publishes the Best of Regina, a sprawling, epic event where we share our readers’ picks for the best people, places, events, shops and services this town has to offer. Right now we’re collecting votes online. Polls open until noon Thursday, Sept. 23.

While voting continues, I’m profiling some of the new categories in this year’s Best Of. Up today: Best Wild Animal Found In The City.

One thing that makes cities wonderful is the way nature adapts to them. You can have all the roads, lawns and buildings you want but there will always be uninvited creatures making their homes in urban settings.

I think that’s beautiful, and should be celebrated.

Since moving here a little more than a decade ago I’ve had my days brightened by surprise sightings of hares, owls, bats, deer, pelicans, a couple of moose (well, I didn’t see them personally), squirrels, mice, crows, magpies, more bats, more hares, butterflies, beetles and even garter snakes (of which I am an extra-huge fan because I’m a weirdo).

I have no doubt a lot of you share my love for city critters of all (or at least most) shapes and sizes. So head over to the poll and vote for your favourite — be reasonably specific, don’t just write “bird” — and we’ll give the winning critter a well-deserved salute in our October 21 Best of Regina issue.

Up tomorrow: Best Store Sign! No I am not joking.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

9 thoughts on “Best Of Regina 2010 Spotlight: Best Wild Animal”

  1. Five years ago I was sprayed by a skunk in a neighbourhood adjacent to Les Sherman Park. It was in the front part of somebody’s lawn at nighttime, and I approached it because I thought it was some sort of lawn gnome that somebody dropped. Only when it charged me did I realize my horrible mistake.

  2. I clicked on the link in the article and was met with something totally incomprehensible as a poll, so either the link is wrong or I’m too old.

  3. If I can have snakes, Barb, you may have slugs.

    Brett: I have fixed the incomprehensible links in my post. Must’ve had the wrong URL copied to my clipboard when I pasted. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. I realized that I have mentioned my skunk experience as occurring in ’05, so I can’t in good conscience vote in a poll that suggests I saw a skunk in ’09/’10. But I’ll keep my eyes open.

  5. That’s a very good point. Hey everybody: only vote for your favourite Regina wild animals DURING THE LAST 18 MONTHS*.

    *The last Best of Regina was in April ’09, so 18 months rather than 12.

  6. Wait, let me try that again: Only vote for the Regina wild animal species THAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE IN THE LAST 18 MONTHS.

    I didn’t mean you should VOTE during the last 18 months. How could you without a time machine?

    (If you do have a time machine may I borrow it? I have some stocks to buy.)

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