Best Of Regina 2010 Spotlight: Best Reason To Get A Divorce

For the next week and a half I’m blogging about some of the new categories in our 2010 Best Of Regina reader’s poll. This is my clever (annoying) way to bug you to vote in our survey. We want you to vote because if everybody votes, the 2010 Best Of Regina  will be meaningful and fun. And that is what everybody wants.

Today’s new category: Best Reason To Get A Divorce.

Why? Why, you ask? Because! Because it’s funny, I say!

Not divorces. Divorces aren’t funny. But it’s fun to talk about relationship crimes because every partner in every couple commits a romantic or domestic misdemeanor or thousand at some point. When is the line crossed, and the aggravation becomes intolerable? When should you punt your partner? Something obvious, like they’re cheating on you? Something fickle, like they don’t put away clean dishes?

Something sad like, you’re just randomly not into your once-adored partner anymore? Something else?

And is there a Regina-specific reason to get divorced? I can’t think of one, but you! Maybe you know!

Best of all, if you and your spouse sit down together and talk about what the best reason to get a divorce is, it will strengthen your relationship. And also it will not lead to any fights about who did or did not put away the clean dishes yesterday. I prrromise.

Best Reason To Get A Divorce! What is it? Let us know!  Vote in the poll!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

One thought on “Best Of Regina 2010 Spotlight: Best Reason To Get A Divorce”

  1. Emotionally, mentally and phacsiyl exhausting, grief for the loss of the person but they are still there, depression and anxiety, fear for the future, paranoia about almost anything, shock, anger, loneliness and isolation., loss of confidence and self esteem then the dirty tactics start, you realise any promises made whatever they may be will not be kept. Then the solicitor you appoint to help you get a fair share, totals up all the matrimonial assets and then know exactly what you can afford to pay for their services leaving you with little or nothing and expects you to be grateful, you realise that yours’ and their’ solicitors are working hand in hand prior to court not to get the best deal for their client but to barter for an agreement and if one party won’t budge on something at all and demands simple clauses like not being contacted at work or having their employers contacted before they agree, what it really means is that when they fail to pay court awarded maintenance, you have to spend 8 years fighting a clause before you can get an Attachment of Earnings order ( which involves contacting their employer)Oh boy is it stressful, if you survive and if you do you may still end up a gibbering wreck or an alcoholic or addicted to perscription medication or just not trusting anyone, so it totally changes your outlook, your relationships and in my case a total fear of any type of commitent.It isn’t long before you realise that court orders and judgements mean nothing and will not be honoured by your ex or soon to be ex and the courts will do little or nothing about it .and that legal justice is non existent.You notice married friends keeping away thinking you are all of a sudden after their husbands, people crossing the street so they don’t have to speak to you, invites from friends drop off so more paranoia sets in and so you avoid them.My ex told our kids, I had cheated throughout our 24 year marriage several times and he had always forgiven me but I never had, I never even thought about anyone else but him, I loved him to bits, but he put enough doubt in their mind, reminding them of times ( a week or two) he was not at home when they were younger, saying he had left me several times because of my affairs, the reality was he was away on business and we spoke everyday on the phone .and I could go on.10 years on I have never gone out with another guy, it frightens me to death, he re-married 2 months after the divorce the girlfriend he told the kids he met after he left me, reality is he was setting up a new home 6 months prior to leaving me, re-mortgaging our paid for home and hiding the money in new accounts he set up, emptying our joint bank accounts, forging my signature on our share certificates and cashing them in, selling our second home, emptying our childrens trust accounts you name it he did it, all to stop me getting anything, yet it was all my money which purchased our first home. if you want to get away with criminal activity it is easy to do it when you are divorcing as it is a civil case and you just haven’t got the energy or the money to fight a criminal case and because of the divorce the police and the CPS just don’t want to know ..and when the court awarded me the house because of his deceptivenss, it means you sell it, then pay off the mortgage ( he took out and hid) and get the very little left which goes to pay solicitors fees , so you end up with nothing.I had two friends who listened, gave me a shoulder to cry on ( when I had the energy) they accepted me whatever mood I was in, whatever I ranted about, arranged simple things like a pub meal or paid for an eyelash tint, they would sit and listen for hours and bless them smile and welcome me everytime I called, they encouraged me to fight and not give up and gave me some hope that I was not totally mad however bad it looked or sounded, they believed in me they were real GOLD friends.Just be there, listen and believe in your friend.

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