Best Of Regina 2010: Polls Are Now Open

It’s Sept. 1 and just like I promised last week in a rambling prairie dog essay, you can now vote in this year’s Best Of Regina contest! There’s 125 categories, more than 80 of them new or brought back this year. Plus we have write-in votes. And one lucky voter will win $1000 in gift certificates for the City’s best restaurants, shops and services! Zow!

And yes, I said 125 categories. One-hundred-twenty-five. PLUS write-in categories. The categories range from the obvious (Best Band, Best City Councillor, Best Local Store) to the just plain good-to-know (Best Plumber, Best Insurance Agents). And some of them are goofy but you can find those ones yourself. (But I will say I expect Best Pet to be an epic battle!)

Head over to the poll now — here’s the link — and take a look at the questions. You can take your time — the poll is open until Thursday, Sept. 23 at noon.

And if you’re reading this in Saskatoon, well hey! Best Of Saskatoon voting started today at our sister paper, Planet S. Check out their contest here. Last I heard they had about twice as many votes as us so far, but I’m sure by the end of both contests we’ll have more votes because Regina is, OBVIOUSLY, a better city than Saskatoon. And not just because Regina has prairie dog. Although that sure helps. Ha!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

3 thoughts on “Best Of Regina 2010: Polls Are Now Open”

  1. will you reveal how many votes the winners actually get? will you reveal what percentage of the vote they get?

  2. Thanks for the interest Jeff. Short answer: dunno. I’m not thinking about the details of that issue’s content for at least three weeks. I’m pretty sure we won’t track percentages though, because as I understand it we’d have to do that manually and it’d be a pain in the butt.

    As for votes: in the Best of Food, some restaurants won a category with (I think) between 150 and 200 votes. We were a little short of six hundred votes in Best of Food overall, if I recall right.

    (Trivia: Planet S had over 1,000 votes in the Saskatoon Best Of Food because Saskatonians are keeners. Planet S’ Facebook site is also more popular than ours: it has 1,402 fans; we trail with 949.)

    One thing to keep in mind is Best Of Regina is a popularity contest. Much like high school, motivated people with tons of friends can get themselves voted up to glory. That’s part of Best Of Regina’s charm. For example: in Best Of Food, the Best Restaurant, The Fainting Goat, almost certainly ran an aggressive get-the-vote-out campaign. Bully for them. Nothing stopped other good restaurants, like the Willow or the Creek or Bodega or Med Bistro from asking their customers to vote for them. (Nothing stopped bad restaurants, come to think of it). The win was legit.

    So I guess my long answer is: I bet the results will get very interesting if we get over 1,000 votes. If we can pull that off, and if it’s logistically feasible, I’d love to publish at least some of the data.

    I think the publisher said we had 60-something votes today, which is a good start. Only 940 ballots to go!

  3. Hey Jeff, on the off chance you troll back to this post: I was told today we’re over 700 Best Of Regina ballots with a week to go. At this point it looks like we’ll surpass a thousand. Not bad!

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