It’s Sept. 1 and just like I promised last week in a rambling prairie dog essay, you can now vote in this year’s Best Of Regina contest! There’s 125 categories, more than 80 of them new or brought back this year. Plus we have write-in votes. And one lucky voter will win $1000 in gift certificates for the City’s best restaurants, shops and services! Zow!

And yes, I said 125 categories. One-hundred-twenty-five. PLUS write-in categories. The categories range from the obvious (Best Band, Best City Councillor, Best Local Store) to the just plain good-to-know (Best Plumber, Best Insurance Agents). And some of them are goofy but you can find those ones yourself. (But I will say I expect Best Pet to be an epic battle!)

Head over to the poll now — here’s the link — and take a look at the questions. You can take your time — the poll is open until Thursday, Sept. 23 at noon.

And if you’re reading this in Saskatoon, well hey! Best Of Saskatoon voting started today at our sister paper, Planet S. Check out their contest here. Last I heard they had about twice as many votes as us so far, but I’m sure by the end of both contests we’ll have more votes because Regina is, OBVIOUSLY, a better city than Saskatoon. And not just because Regina has prairie dog. Although that sure helps. Ha!