Best Of Food: Coffeeeeeeeee!

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for Prairie Dog’s awesome and annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! I’m so excited that I’m showcasing one category every day until voting ends on Tuesday! Today’s spotlight: Best Cup Of Plain Old Coffee!

Two things about plain old coffee: first, if it’s good, it’s not plain. We’re only calling it “plain old coffee” to mark the difference between drip/French press/other basic brewing methods and fancy-schmancy coffees like cafe au lait, espresso, etc.* Regardless, if it’s a mug of tar that tastes like bug shit, it’s not the plain old coffee we’re talking about. Don’t vote for it.**

Second, I just noticed that if you mistype “plain”, you get “Palin”. I don’t know what kind of coffee Sarah Palin brews but it probably tastes like moose piss and sadness.

Anyway, coffee is one of the greatest things ever (along with good sex, ice cream, unicorns and exquisitely-crafted Hollywood blockbusters) and it should be on everyone’s top 10 list of reasons to not jump off a bridge. And when you vote for the best coffee in the 2013 Best Of Regina, you’re helping guide Prairie Dog readers (and their less-civilized friends and relatives who aren’t Prairie Dog readers) to sublime, nay, numinous caffeine-based taste experiences. And that’s a good thing!

So go here and vote for Regina’s Best Cup Of Plain Old Coffee!

Coffee - by Puty

*Which you can vote for under Best Fancy-Schmancy Coffee, in fact!

**Or drink it!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

3 thoughts on “Best Of Food: Coffeeeeeeeee!”

  1. I notice the people who say, “Pfft, coffee’s coffee,” never seem to say, “A snowmobile’s a snowmobile,” or, “A truck’s a truck.” In fact, I don;t really hear people saying “Coffee’s coffee” anymore. (But I do hate it when people refer to their Tim Hortons as “My Timmies”, or when they “Gotta have my Timmes…”)

  2. Best coffee house in town by far is the “French press” in south Regina. Delicious.

  3. i would have to say the best coffee and tea and it’s healthier for you too would be from

    it has a herb in it called Ganoderma it’s been used in china and other parts of Asia for over 4000 years it’s amazing what it can do check out my web site for more info

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