BD-122300February is Black History Month in Canada. At Regina Public Library there are two events that I’m aware of that are being held to commemorate the month.

The first goes Monday Feb. 1 at Central Library, and involves a dramatic reading by Peterborough playwright/musician/actor Beau Dixon (pictured) of his one-man play Beneath Springhill: The Maurice Ruddick Story.

Without giving to much away, it is set during the Springhill Nova Scotia mining disaster in October 1958. Coal mines in the Springhill area had spawned previous disasters in 1891 and 1956. The 1958 incident involved a mine collapse over 1000 m below ground. Of the 174 miners in the shaft at the time, 75 died and 99 were rescued.

The title character in Dixon’s play was a miner at the time, and was later recognized for his heroism in aiding other miners. The reading goes tonight at Central Library from 7-9 p.m., and you’re asked to register on the RPL website.

The second event goes at Central Library on Monday Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. It’s titled An Evening Under African Skies and it features traditional storytelling with Mary Chipanshi and Chimuka Simasiku. Again, you’re asked to register on the RPL website.