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The National Post put out their 10 Underrated Canadian Authors list today. I’m taking back all the snark I had for their Overrated list which James blogged about yesterday. (For the record, I mightn’t have been so dismissive if that had appeared in any other publication than the N-P.)

So, Lynn Coady is there. Along with a nod to her frickin’ brilliant 2006 novel Mean Boy. Yay.  Also mentioned are Bill Gaston and Diane Schoemperlen. Wow. I concede, that’s a good list. And proof that despite my Grade 12 English teacher’s efforts to convince me of the contrary, Canadian writing doesn’t suck.

Looks like I will be making a trip to the library today.

Author: Paul Dechene

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10 thoughts on “Believe This Hype”

  1. Russell Smith? Really? “provokes strong reactions from people who haven’t read him,” and they’re the lucky ones! Had a strong reaction to Noise, but that was a decade ago, maybe I’m a better reader and he’s a better writer now.

  2. “can be mistaken, when you first look at it, for a magazine about class privilege and snobbery. It’s not”

    Except that it is, and Smith’s eagerness to gloss over or forgive class/race/gender privileges in the name of, I think he calls it hedonism here is, well, an exercise in class privelege. His response a few months ago to growing reports and allegations of sexual harassment in Cdn publishing was to point out that Cdn publishing is full of “hotties”.

  3. Which is not to say that Dandyism automatically equals class warfare or racism, but to deny that one needs certain freedoms from want unattainable to most people in this country, never mind this planet, in order to entertain such frivolity…

  4. Ah, this reminds me a story (WARNING tagent ahead). I was once at an event on ‘how to get published’ at hosted by the RPL. There a somewhat fustrated writer asked the best question of the evening “What is literature?” to an editor of a local publisher.

    The answer was best summed up “It’s a well written book.” Which I’ve found to be very true. He didn’t say it was a well plotted book, or a good characters or anything else other than ‘well written’ which proves a good point. Just because it is call ‘literature’ doesn’t mean you will like it. In fact the term ‘literature’ sometimes is the only good thing about a given book.

  5. Barb: “Shades of Oscar Wilde and the Mauve decade…”

    Except that they’re doing Oscar Wilde ironically. Which means… I’m not sure exactly. Trying to tease some meaning from that knot has made my monocle pop out.

    Emmet: Hang on. Did you watch that Youtube clip? Dude was wearing a TOP HAT!

  6. Emmet: I hadn’t read his response to the sexual harassment allegations. If it was as you report, then it’s very not cool.

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