Because It’s Not Like Regina Doesn’t Have Other Infrastructure Needs.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Regina is falling apart these days? Here’s a CBC story about a sinkhole that swallowed a city truck in Douglas Park today, and here’s another from the Leader-Post about water main breaks in Whitmore Park that are jeopardizing neighbourhood residents’ water supplies and their safety via three busted fire hydrants.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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6 thoughts on “Because It’s Not Like Regina Doesn’t Have Other Infrastructure Needs.”

  1. Sinkholes and water main breaks are someone else’s problem…give them less than enough money and let them deal with it – Whoa, wait a sec…got a call from PCL coming in, gotta go.

  2. I totally say the City of Regina should quit expanding and developing and just concentrate on repairing infrastructure as the need arises. Hey we`re big enough and as a city, we`re good enough just the way we are. Ya, that’s it we`re good enough. Who cares if other cities are considered world class cities. Heck, we don’t need all that trouble, nope not us. We`re just simple people here in little old Regina. So lets vote back in that little old comfortable party called the NDP. Ya, that’s it they`re good enough for us.

  3. As the need arises? As in the over two billion dollars of deferred maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement that we’re going to have on our plates for roads, sewer, water lines and other infrastructure in the next 10 years. See page two of this Federation of Canadian Municipalities document.

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