I’ve yet to see this band live myself, but their name’s popped up a few times in the last while in the Prairie Dog music listings so I thought I’d put a post up for a gig they’re playing at Lancaster Taphouse in southwest Regina on Saturday, Jan. 24.

Thanks to the magic of Google I was able to discover that Bears In Hazenmore is a five-piece ambient indie-folk group fronted by Brady Frank. He’s the main songwriter, and also plays a range of instruments. Joining him in the band are Dana Rempel (bass, saxophone), Darnell Stewart (guitar), Tanner Wilhelm-Hale (drums, vocals) and Dalton Lam (trumpet).

Bon Iver is one influence listed by Bears In Hazenmore, and in August they released their debut self-titled EP. The gig on Saturday at Lancaster Taphouse should get going around 9 p.m., I think, and to give you a sense of what the band sounds like here’s video of them performing their song “Between Two Worlds”