Do you ever rage about how out of touch city hall is? Fume over how far up their asses the guys downtown have their heads? Well, now you too can be one of those heads-up-your-ass-out-of-touch-downtown types because city hall is once again looking for people to sit on city committees and advisory boards.

And this time around, there are some pretty juicy posts up for grabs:

Arts Advisory Committee: 5 positions open
Board of Directors, Regina Downtown: 7 positions
Community Services Advisory Committee: 5 positions
Development Appeals Board: 1 position
Environment Advisory Committee: 5 positions
Regina Planning Commission: 4 positions
Regina Public Library Board: 4 positions

Did you catch that? Four spots open on Regina Planning Commission! Seriously, do you have any idea how much of the stuff we complain about here on the dog blog comes straight out of the RPC?* They could be your posse! Heck, with four spots open, dog blog readers could take that committee over. (And if you do, could you look into converting Grasslands into a really big honking skate park?** And maybe institute a tax exemption for downtown movie theatres?*** Oh, and those moving sidewalks from the Jetsons! We totally needs those.**** Actually, know what… just give me a call. We’ll talk.)

Deadline to submit an application is Friday, October 8. For more information on how to apply and what your duties will entail, check out the city’s website.

* And occasionally some stuff we really like. Like the Downtown Plan. Yay RPC!
** That was a joke.
*** That was not a joke.
**** That was maybe a joke or maybe not.