Maybe you didn’t notice, but today is the day the new Prairie Dog hits stands. There’s a bunch of material you can read online, including our annual First Nations Report and a cover story by Dave Margoshes. Rad! It’s all rad!

What won’t be online is a Top 6 I did about David Bazan, the solo artist and former head guy for Pedro the Lion. That’s in the print edition only. In case you’re a netizen afraid of the printed word in print — Oh God, I hope no one identifies as a “netizen” anymore — I’ll give the man a brief shoutout on here: David Bazan, a great and engaging musician, is doing a living room show in Regina on Saturday, June 21.

It’s going to be great. I saw one of Bazan’s living room shows in Saskatoon. He was fantastic, and I got to see someone hand him a coffee mug full of Bear Flag white wine, a sight that I haven’t shut up about since for whatever reason. People probably get coffee cups of Bear Flag handed to them every day, but this is the one time I remember it.

Tickets are still on sale and, as I write this, there are still 15 left. It will practically be a crime if this doesn’t sell out, so get on it.

In the meantime, you can stream Bazan’s new album, David Bazan + Passenger String Quartet, Volume 1, right now. The record’s coming out in September. Bazan reimagines songs from his solo catalogue and from his work with his old act, Pedro the Lion, to be played by him and a string quartet. The songs are still great, and the new versions are worth listening to whether or not you’ve following the man all along.