Bass Drum Of Death Dead To Canada

According to Bass Drum of Death, the Oxford, Mississippi band got pretty much refused from Canada about a week ago. On their Blogspot page, they go through the whole ordeal, including the second day they tried to cross the border in the same place:

they ripped our van apart, threatened to arrest me for my anti-anxiety medication, and even tested colin’s allergy medication (?). when we finally made it inside after that, they basically told us the same thing and informed us that if we tried to cross again without the proper paperwork that we could be flagged and never be able to enter canada again.

I saw these guys while they were on this same tour, going around with Vancouver’s Japandroids. I really dug ’em. The no-bass rock ‘n’ roll thing can encourage some nonsense sometimes — Japandroids can indulge in a bit of that themselves live when they’re going crazy on the pedals — but instead, Bass Drum of Death are a no-nonsense, awesome garage rock act, with a full-length to prove it. It wouldn’t hurt you at all to check out their debut full-length, GB City, over on Fat Possum Records.

To boot, the guys in Bass Drum of Death seemed like decent folk when I read an interview with ’em. They wouldn’t have been coming close to Regina, but I’d rather see them have a successful Canadian jaunt than this.

In short: Boooo.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

2 thoughts on “Bass Drum Of Death Dead To Canada”

  1. We won’t let these guys into the country yet we inflict Nickleback onto the world? I am ashamed of my country. Seriously.

  2. That’s our border: invisible to big business, a giant stone wall to actual people. Coming soon: an experience like this anytime actual people wish to travel from state-to-state and from province-to-province.

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