Bang the Drum!: $#!t Maurice Sendak Says

Bang the DrumMaurice Sendak, writer and illustrator of beloved children’s books Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen and Chicken Soup with Rice, has a new book out. To promote Bumble-Ardy, the 83-year-old Sendak has been doing a lot of interviews, invariably saying some pretty wild and wonderful things. Here are some of my favourites:

“I refuse to lie to children,” says Sendak. “I refuse to cater to the bullshit of innocence.” (The Guardian)

“I have to accept my role. I will never kill myself like Vincent Van Gogh. Nor will I paint beautiful water lilies like Monet. I can’t do that. I’m in the idiot role of being a kiddie book person.” (The Guardian)

“I didn’t sleep with famous people or movie stars or anything like that. It’s a common story: Brooklyn boy grows up and succeeds in his profession, period,” he explains in his friendly growl. (CBC)

Most children–I know I did when I was a kid–fantasize another set of parents. Or fantasize no parents. They don’t tell their real parents about that–you don’t want to tell Mom and Dad. Kids lead a very private life. And I was a typical child (I think). I was a liar. I was out to protect my parents from hard truths. Although what I assumed was a hard truth was really–hard to realize what it could be now. (The Atlantic)

mp3: “Lose Your Shit” by Arabesque

Oh, screw the world. Why should the dumb world know what I think? (Globe & Mail)

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  1. Maurice Sendak is AWESOME. Everyone should read “In the Night Kitchen”. Right now. Go to the library, find it, read it, then come back here and tell everyone how awesome it is.

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