Bang the DrumGreetings, Earthlings! Two words: Ringo Deathstarr. Plus Jeans Boots, Haggatha and Mongoose after the jump.

For a couple of months now, I’ve been seeing the name Ringo Deathstarr all over the Internet. I’m like, that’s an awesome name. But I notice they’re on the great Canadian indie label Sonic Unyon, and for some reason, I’ve got it in my head that Sonic Unyon has gone metal, and, you know, metal is great…but it’s not for me. I mean, I love metal people, some of my favourite people of all time are headbangers, but I’m just too soft. It’s not metal, it’s me. So every time I see the name, I’m like, oh, great name, but not for me, thanks. Which is ludicrous, even for me. I know, I can totally get into one metal song at a time, that’s fine, that’s great. So why was I putting off listening to Ringo Deathstarr? I dunno, I guess I’m just a little douchey like that.
So today, I notice that Seattle radio station KEXP has made Ringo Deathstarr’s new single “So High” their Song of the Day, and so I have no excuse, I listen. And behold, it’s fuzzy dream pop bliss. It’s a brilliant throwback to bands like My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Two things we learned today: almost 20 years on, Sonic Unyon knows what the hell they’re doing; and I’m a dink.
mp3: “So High” by Ringo Deathstarr (via

Jeans Boots is a Saskatoon singer-songwriter, but you knew that. There’s also a great website called Jeans in Boots that collects pictures of women with their jeans tucked into their boots. Seriously. Our Jeans Boots has a new EP out today called TXT MSGS. Pretty rad stuff.

Remember when I said I like metal people? I wasn’t just making fancy, I meant it. One of my favourite metal people is Cousin Phil of the Vancouver sludge band Haggatha. Kyle Harcott of Canadian metal site describes their sound as a “Yogsothothian bash.”

Members of Haggatha can be seen in this kick-ass video from Vancouver’s Mongoose, fronted by Saskatchewan product RC, for their single “Finger On It”:

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