Bang the DrumJohn Cameron is a fellow contributor to prairie dog magazine and the Dog Blog. I’ve never met the guy, but his writing makes him seem like an okay dude. His band, These Estates–whose name strains under too many S’s and E’s–is slammin’. They release their a 7″ single early in February. You can friend them on MySpace.
UPDATE: Mr. Cameron says the MySpace page hasn’t been updated in “like a year i think” and points interested parties toward post-2007 social media options such as the band’s Facebook page and their Tumblr blog. Y no LinkedIn?

Erin Passmore has been praised elsewhere on the Dog Blog, and with good reason. A founding member of Rah Rah, occasional member of Sylvie, she’s dropping her solo debut EP Downtown next month on Hidden Pony Records. You can download the title track here, via YouSendIt. Here she is performing “Prairie Girl” for Exclaim Magazine last fall.

UPDATE AGAIN: You can now stream the hell out of the whole EP at the brand new! Huzzah, it’s wonderful! Flashes of Martha Wainwright & Sarah Harmer with loads of totally unique stuff too! Better than a solo album by a drummer deserves to be! You heard me, Phil Collins and Don Henley!
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