The Miami New Times food blog Short Order has a list of the top 10 bad celebrity tippers. From the article:

We would like to think of these wealthy stars as feeling at least a little gracious toward the public that has helped catapult them to the top. This is especially true when that member of the public is literally serving the celebrity, as when a waiter brings them their meal and drinks. I’m not saying every fabulously wealthy person has to be as generous as Johnny Depp, who while filming Public Enemies reportedly enjoyed a $2,600 meal with friends and left a $1,500 tip. And in 2009, Depp is said to have handed a lucky waiter a $4,000 tip.

Actually, maybe I am saying that every fabulously wealthy person has to be like Johnny Depp. But they’re not. And numerous websites apparently keep track of these things. We took a look at a slew of such sites and put together a composite list of the worst tippers among them.

(I found the link on the excellent blog Kotke).

Look, when you dine out or go out for drinks, you have to tip. I’ve occasionally met alleged progressives who don’t tip on principle — they say they don’t want to support an inherently exploitative service industry economy, or some such. A good-sounding rationalization that’s either a sign of epic disconnection between ideology and reality or, more likely, a sleazy cover for being a cheapskate asshole.

I always look forward to seeing how such (inevitably well-paid) heroes of the working class defend themselves against charges they’re selfish misers. Fortunately such creatures are rare, but they’re always memorable.

The bottom line: Buying a meal, or appy appetizer, snack, treat or drink? Tip. Coffee? tip. Latte? Tip more. Get a haircut? Tip. Can’t afford to tip? Then you can’t afford what you’re buying.