Back to the Drawing Board

Last week, the Regina Public Library Board released a feasibility study that had been conducted a few years earlier into building a new or expanded Central Library as part of a Cultural Centre Redevelopment Project that could potentially have included a new space for the Globe Theatre along with a museum, a restaurant, some retail and a hotel.

That project collapsed when the Masons, who own property adjacent to the current Central Library that was needed for the  redevelopment initiative, voted against selling their building and parking lot area. Now, RPL board chair Darlene Hincks is indicating that the board will soon be embarking on a round of consultations with Reginans as to the future of the branch. Telephone surveys and an online survey on the RPL website are two methods that will be employed to gather information. Although some of the information that was gathered as part of the initial study will be relied on as well.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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