Like most of prairie dog’s writers, I don’t want to talk, write or think about climate change any more. It’s too depressing. Despite clear scientific consensus* that a warming planet is a threat to civilization, Canada isn’t taking proportional action against this threat.

Instead, we’re on track to be some of the biggest climate criminals in the world thanks to our support of dirty energy like the oilsands.

Money talks, the future walks and true patriot love in all our hearts command (us to like it and keep our mouths shut).

Also like most of prairie dog’s writers, I’m still somewhat demotivated by the fact Canadians just handed a majority government to the politicians who care about the environment the least. But what are you going to do? It’s probably too late for an orderly transition to a post-carbon economy but the sooner we get serious, the less bad it will be.

So in the reluctant spirit of increasing prairie dog’s depressing coverage of climate change issues and inaction, here’s a vid I watched Monday night. It’s a short video featuring a scientist (Paul Nurse, genetics and cell biology) squashing a wretched, cowardly denier-weasal like a bug.

That’s followed by some clips of ace climate denier Lord Christopher Monckton, who’s busy ruining Australia this week,  saying he’s cured AIDS. Uh huh. And people find climate deniers credible.

Anyway, Nurse makes it look so easy. This clip cheered me up and it might cheer you up too. Inspiring!

Via the always-excellent Pharyngula.