Back By Popular Demand

Photo OpSifting through e-mails sent to the Reception address at Prairie Dog tonight I stumbled across one from the PMO about a visit Prime Minister Stephen Harper made to a north Toronto community centre today to announce a new “family tax cut” tied to income splitting between working and stay-at-home spouses.

After checking out the attached photo (shown above) I decided to resurrect the PM Photo Op Caption Contest that ran on Dog Blog a few years ago.

If you check out the CBC report on the announcement you’ll find an even funnier picture from the photo op that evokes the obvious punchline “Gee, I hope that strange robotic man isn’t going to ask me to pull his finger.”


Author: Gregory Beatty

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8 thoughts on “Back By Popular Demand”

  1. “Now Kaitlyn, I’m paying your mom and your dad $60 a month for you…$360 on July 1, and $60 every month thereafter for their vote in October. Now Kaitlyn, what I need you to do for me is to remind your mother & father that $540 for 2 votes come October is a pretty good deal that you won’t find in many other advanced democracies across the planet, so can you do that for me, Kaitlyn? Can you? Can you? CAN YOU, Kaitlyn?? Good girl.”

  2. Sorry kid. Yer mom+dad aren’t in the top 14 % of “#harp0 canadians”. I will announce programs for everyone else !

  3. No Glasses? Is Harper pulling a younger looking version of himself just like Preston Manning did?

    Isn’t this the same plan recently deceased Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was pushing for?

  4. “No Sally, I’m not sure why all the mean newspaper editors aren’t happy that your parents will have more money left at the end of the year. They just blindly hate everything I do.”

  5. Thanks Mr.Harper, but this is a public school, and my mommy can’t afford your vision of Canada.

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