Aw NFL Naw: Free Period (Week 17)

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It’s the holidays, so instead of reading the CAPS LOCK swear routine that is Aw NFL Naw, I declare this time to be yours to do with as you please! Build a snow fort, write an erotic western, compare your picks to Ron’s in the comment section, write an erotic western about Ron’s picks for Week 17. The world is your frost covered oyster!

Thank you so much for letting me hang out with you this NFL season. I had a lot of fun.

Author: Dan MacRae

An Italian inventor often referred to as the father of long distance radio transmission. Known for his development of Marconi's law and his vocals in Love Inc.

6 thoughts on “Aw NFL Naw: Free Period (Week 17)”

  1. The kids are in the hands of their grandparents. I’m so bloated with shortbread I can barely move and have nothing to do beyond watch home reno shows. In other words, I have time of my own. And I was going to spend it reading Aw NFL Naw. I specifically sat down to do just that. But now you’re telling me I have nothing. Except Holmes on Homes. Thanks Dan. Thanks a fucking lot.

  2. Fukinn WCLC did not print all of “their” faves today for the 30th’s games.
    This the 1st time for me to look at a Vegas betting odds site for some info.

    I’ve realized that indoor ,( espicially NFL girliefield football sucks more dick than harp0 could through a pipline.

    That Seattle Shower was 1 more aspect of why outdoor ball is beautiful.
    Did you see the Sea Coach going through the game as if there wasn’t any rain?
    Just another day at the office.

    SF shoulda put $40 in my pocket last Sunday, but NOOOOOO!

    Vegas can never predict a misdirected ball,neither can I.

    Did NO expect a 2 td gain by Dal in the last 3.5 min of last weeks game…

    A bet for W turns into a T .. NO deserves to be out & watch the Super Bowl from the seats.

    pick ’ems

    Cle/Pit Min/GB Phi/NYG TB/Atl Mia/NE

    my pref’s


    SD ( I don’t know why )/Jac/Indy/Cincy/Jets redemtion!?/Daa Bears!/NO/Den/Sea/Fourty FN 9iners/Was

    Have the best 2013 ever!

  3. I once met a rodeo cowgirl.
    She told that her favorite trick was riding in reverse.
    The end. occasionally.

  4. Seattle has ben taking food out of hungry gamblers mouths this season, I tells ya! Also thanks ron for always providing picks in the comment section. I always enjoy checking them out.

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